How to stay positive when life hits

We have all been there. A single moment in a day, that can transform our moods to shit. A conversation that didn’t go as planned, a misunderstanding, needs not met, day not going as planned, kids being crazy or maybe even a fight with the significant other. Whatever that moment may have been, now has you overthinking, and overplaying in your mind the should’ve, would’ve could’ves.

Discontention and unhappiness happens when we are not living in the moment. We become anxious, because we think we have to find the solution. We have to figure everything out right that moment, rather than live in the present and see what life brings.  When we get on the record of thinking about that moment over and over, we lose our ability to stay in the moment.

I am guilty of overthinking things. Let me tell you, overthinking can seriously ruin a good mood and the chance at a good day. I am still learning to train my brain to stay in the moment. I believe it’s a habit that takes a lot of retraining and I hope that one day, it just becomes second nature to live in the moment without second thought. I’ll get back to you on that one. Anxiety comes when I begin to worry about the future, and overthinking and stress comes from the past. Calm comes by living in the right now.

Next time you find yourself struggling with some emotions that are taking your day downhill fast, try a tip or two. and see if you can’t turn it around.

  • Journal your feelings with no censoring. Write down exactly what you are feeling. When I am really upset with someone, I find it helps to journal as though I am writing a letter to that person.


  • Watch a movie.
  • Read a book.
  • Go for a run. Not a fast walk, but a run. The kind like when you were a kid and ran as fast as you could just to feel the wind in your hair. Do that. Run fast and run hard. Do it while thinking about what is affecting your mood. Go as far as you can. Hopefully by the time you are done with your run, you have burned off the negitive energy. This is my favorite. When I am dealing with really tough stuff, I run…. a lot.


  • Take a hot bath.


  • Meditate


  • Clean the house.
  • Write down a list of things that you are grateful for.
  • Listen to happy music on pandora.


  • Do something to pamper yourself. Get your hair or nails done.
  • Unfollow negitive people on social media.
  • Do some yoga.


  • Dance it out. Blare some music and dance it out.
  • Play a game or two.
  • Take a nap.


  • Go for coffee or dinner with a friend, but don’t discuss the issue at hand that is bothering you.


  • Scream into a pillow. This is completely underated.
  • Punch a memory foam pillow. If you are that angry and need to hit something, memory foam pillows are the bomb. Some people have an incredible talent of leading me to this option.
  • Color.


  • Expiriment with drawing some zentangles.
  • Declutter. Throwing things away is very theraputic.
  • Pin happy things until you feel happy and encouraged.


  • Make a goal board.
  • Make a bucket list of all the things you want to do.
  • Think of somewhere you want to go, and waste time planning a vacation even if you really are not going on it. It’s fun to look and research. Maybe someday you will go there. If youre rich, plan a real vacation.

The years are short. Life isn’t always easy. People aren’t always easy. In fact, sometimes people completely suck, but none of that changes the fact that life is short. Do you really want to waste your life feeling anything but happy? Find something happy in every day to keep you going.



Adventure awaits- or do you?

Life is a glorious adventure if you choose to embrace it. Many of us sit on the sidelines watching friends, coworkers, neighbors and celebrities enjoy life with envy while we wish we could be doing the same thing. We come up with excuse after excuse why we can’t do it. Why are we standing on the sidelines of life?

Generally we have two real reasons:

1) You don’t really want what they have, you want the ability to have an adventure.

2) You are not willing to dream and plan to have what you really want. Instead, you believe it’s impossible and therefore it is impossible.

If a child says I want to be a professional football player. Most of us think of our favorite player making millions of dollars. What if this kid didn’t even try? Is this kid saying he wants to play football because its his passion, be rich or famous? Which is it? What path is he going to take to get where he wants to be. As parents, we brush off the dreams of kids instead of teaching them how to figure out a path to achieve their dreams. Then as adults, we assume everything is impossibly. Really we just need to be direct with what it is you want exactly and freaking go after it. Don’t just dream it, but go for it. Standing in the mud flapping your jaw does nothing but leaving you right there with wet, muddy shoes. You need to step forward. Not every step will be easy but each step will be forward and take you in a direction you want to be IF you are willing to make forward momentum.


Make a bucket list notebook. In that notebook, think of every possible step you would need to take in order to get to the goal you want. Don’t let the fears of the unknown set you back from creating your goal list. You can’t let things hold you back if you want the life you say you want, but you have to put in the work. Once you have your list created, and you have thought long and hard about the different steps you will need to take to achieve the goal on your bucket list, get to work. Not every step is going to be fun and rewarding. In fact, some steps will be messy and feel defeating, but if you keep your eye on the goal and keep forward motion, you will get there. I remember a time I started going after something I thought I wanted, only to find a new passion along the way. I had hit a stepping stone toward my goal that ignited something I absolutely loved. If that happens, that’s okay. Sometimes our end goals change. Regardless of the outcome you can do this! Before you know it, you will be living the life you have always wanted and the people in the office will be wondering how the hell you do it.

Stop waiting to live the adventure of life and to it now!