I am very much a minimalist. I don’t attach to many thing, nor do I use much on a daily basis. I don’t enjoy collecting things (except guns). I hate things on flat surfaces, and despise clutter. Stuff clutters my brain and makes me crazy. Literally crazy. I get all claustrophobic and become bitchy when the house gets cluttered. I like to own little, and what I do own, I prefer to be out of sight.

My husband is learning, but…… he also has collections of collections. I’m not the kind of wife that will ever make him get rid of things, but he is learning to appreciate minimalism. He’s trying super hard. We just haven’t gotten to the place of get rid of but don’t rebuy or intend to replace. Bless his heart, he tries.

We are moving in 10 days and I’m beyond stressed out, but elated at the opportunity to get rid of stuff. I hope to get rid of half of what I personally own. Savers is going to hate me. I’m going to be ruthless when it comes to me and the kids. (They know the drill.) Gladiator is going to do what he is going to do. As long as everything has a place, I’ll be happy. Some things you simply can’t get rid of, but keeping stuff you haven’t used in years because you “might” need it is crazy to me. Ludicrous actually.

If you can’t get the gist, I’ll be blunt. I hate clutter, and our house- is TOO cluttered. Storage bins will be a thing utilized in the house, and only what is truly used and needed will be placed. I don’t like wasting precious time for memories, cleaning stuff just to have stuff.

I’ll keep you posted with pictures of the move. 🙂

This crazy life

So, this happened,, I decided to chance my dream of becoming a behavioral analyst. I have some years ahead of me, but it’s a start. Needless to say I’ve been away from the blog trying to get the hang of going back to school while trying to do life.

Going back has been no joke. I guess I was under some illusions that it wouldn’t be THAT hard. I was wrong. I have some time management issues, procrastination issues, and frankly with how much I work it brings some challenges. In the end it will be worth it. Nothing worth doing comes easy. When they tell you 2-4 hours per night in homework per class they mean it.

I will update you along the way.

For now, survival is my thing.

Happy Singles awareness day

I only joke around about the Happy singles awareness day, because on Valentines day, it sure feels like it is singles awareness day. I remember being a single mom and my daughter made me a card that said that. She knew love was the farthest thing from my mind.

Lots of legends and speculation surrounds this very day, and due to not being a very religious person, and a more spiritual person my favorite comes from the legend I found on the history channel. The legend says Valentine was a priest who served in Rome during the third century. Emperor Claudius II believed single men made better soldiers than those who had wives and families, so he outlawed young men from getting married. The priest Valentine didn’t agree with the Emperors decree and continued to marry couples anyways. Eventually his actions were found out and he was put to death.

Societies across the world were like IN YOUR FACE CLAUDIUS, love wins, and we are all still celebrating all these centuries later. Pretty awesome. The not so awesome is this day has become about materialism, and loneliness. Its the night a lot of babies are made, and a lot of fights break out because some dude didn’t out do Tom from church and Julie has to listen to Donna brag. For some, it’s the only date night they get all year. For others, they day goes on, forgotten because one doesn’t care while the other secretly does.

I am not a materialistic person, and I don’t have high expectations. I’m sure Gladiator appreciates this! I will be working, and he will be many miles away. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been in a relationship that has made it feel special so I try to ignore the day. I am human and get a little envious of those who post their flowers and trinkets in Facebook, but at the end of the day, I’m happy to be married to someone I love.

I hope that whatever your situation is that you will try to remember what this day is really about. It isn’t about the price tags, or what your doing, but who your doing it with. If your single, that is okay. Do something for you. It’s good for you to love yourself. Perhaps make some plans with other single friends, or do something nice for yourself that you wouldn’t normally do. If you know a single mom, send them a card or some flowers. Seriously, single moms struggle the hardest.

Happy Valentine’s Day (aka baby making day)! Also, happy singles awareness day to those who are happy they are single.