My name is Ceejay Thorne, and this is my life. I hope that you will poke around and find some inspiration, encouragement or just something to get you thinking. I am notorious for sticking my foot in my mouth, making inappropriate remarks, embarrassing antics, and once in a while I say something brilliant that may encourage or inspire you.


Not that long ago, my life was in a downward spiral. I was completely unhappy, most certainly not living my best life, and was taking everyone down around me. I was literally freaking drowning, and I was in the deepest depression I have ever been in. I struggled to live my truths, and was trying to fit into this tiny box society calls “normal.” You may not always agree with everything I have to say, and I am okay with that. In fact, I am totally okay with it. I spent most of my life trying to fit in that box, that when I stopped living in survival mode and focused on my needs, an atomic bomb of unhappiness went off in my soul.

I didn’t know what I needed, because I hadn’t been living my authentic life. I had been living a life according to what I thought I should live. I decided that I was going to strive to live my best life according to what I believed. I wanted to live an authentic life, and this is my journey. I hope that you will be encouraged to live your best life according to your truth and find something beautiful along the way.

Some things you should probably know about me. I am happily married to the Gladiator. I am a sweary mom to some kids. I am an asshole. I have a passion for people and for doing the right thing even if they are really hard to do. I believe good exists in this world, but I also believe in guarding our hearts and setting boundaries. I suck at grammar and own it. I love piano music, blues, violin solos, alternative, hip-hop and the oldies. I am a huge fan of kids, babies and cats, but not dogs. I hate dogs. I’m a huge introvert, but I like some people, just in small increments.  I think life is about getting in the trenches and doing something good even when it sucks ass.  

Poke around and see what you find.


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