Love yourself

Do you love yourself? I mean, really love yourself, or do you figure that is not your job? How do you know how to love another person, or expect others to love you if you can’t love yourself? If you’re not kind to yourself, how do you expect others to be kind to you? If you don’t treat yourself well, how do you expect others to treat you well? These are legit questions, you need to consider, as they are all a part of loving who you are. You are unique. No one else can be you. People may want to be “like” you, but they can never “be” you.


You can know if you really love yourself with a quick self check. Do you take compliments well, or do you brush them off? If you mess up, do you tell yourself how dumb you are? Do you make fun of yourself to make people laugh? Do you look in the mirror and pick apart the things you don’t like? Are you confident in your abilities, or overthink your every move? Do you stand up for your boundaries, or bite your tongue? Questions like this will usually make us uncomfortable if we don’t love ourselves. Its time to stop doubting your greatness, and love the uniqueness of you.

The world can tell you how bad you suck, you don’t need to do it too. It’s time for you to stop doubting your greatness, and love the uniqueness of you. Accept those compliments with a simple “thank you”. Find some things you like about you that don’t make you gag, and tell yourself them several times a day. Take care of your body through prayer, meditation, exercise and eating good foods. Live life without comparing it to others. Chances are, you’re jealous of their happiness, not what they actually have. Be happy for them, and do your own thing. Forgive yourself for the stupid shit that happened in the past. It does nothing more than add more weight. Change your inner talk. When you find yourself talking some nasty crap, nip it and change the dialogue to something kind. If you can’t be kind, at least be true. We have moments in life we suck and our inner person will beat us to death about it for hours. Acknowledge that you messed up, how you are going to fix it IF you were a jerk, fix it and then tell yourself that you’re a bad-ass that owns your shit. We all mess up from time to time, but no sense beating a dead horse. However, if you were a jerk because someone deserved it, quit beating yourself up over that crap. Let it go. Knowing your boundaries is part of loving yourself.

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